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Google Web Designer Free download

Google Web Designer: Free Download, Features, Requirements

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Google Web Designer: How to Download features and System Requirements and Basic Introduction.

Today we discuss Google’s product, which named as Google Web designer Tool. Google Launched this Product in October 2013. If you want to download This tool or know about the features and requirements of the google web designer tool then you are in the right place in this article.

We tell you about how to download the google web designer tool and install it on your PC with Explainer video. I hope this article is beneficial for you.

What is Google Web Designer?

Google Web Designer is a tool for designing Banner ads for Digital marketing, google ads words, and more. This software is for Creating HTML 5 Content and Interactive Ads in HTML 5. Google Web Designer tool is not for designing a web site.

This tool is primarily used for Creating ads in HTML or CSS3. This is Closer to the designing tool. You should Create an Animated banner by using this tool very easily. This Tool offers GUI Designing Tools, Such as Pen Tool, 3D Tool, Text Tool for integrates with Google web Fonts, and Shape Tool.

Is Google Web Designer Free or Paid?

If you are looking for creating banner ads or animated ads then the web designer tool is the best choice and this tool is a totally free tool,

Google Web Designer: Free Download, Features, RequirementsDownload Google Web Designer From MicroGFX” class=”wp-image-393″/>
Free Download Google Web Designer From MicroGFX

you should use this tool free for a lifetime.

For Which Purpose we use this designer tool?

This is the Advance Web application of Google. The main benefit of this tool is, you should use this tool in Windows, Mac, Linux, tabs, and Mobile. Using the Google Web Design tool you design Banner Ads in HTML and CSS3. This is user-friendly software

Features of Google web designer:

Here are some Most Important Features of web Designer Tool:

  • Pre-programmed web components.
  • iFrame, maps, tap areas, images, and YouTube components.
  • Automatic component metric reporting.
  • Event triggers such as touch and tilt.
  • Create multiple pages for products.
  • Quick mode or layers on a timeline.
  • Toggle between modes.
  • Create 3D content.
 interface of Google Web Designer
interface of Google Web Designer

Download Google Web Designer

So This time to Download This Tool. This tool is free to download, but before download I will tell some system requirements for this tool, your system must be reliable before installing this tool. 

System Requirements: 

For Windows:

Operating System Window 7/8/8.1/10

Memory: 2GB Minimum, 4 GB Required

Processor: Intel Pentium 4 Or Later

Screen resolution: 1280×1024 or larger

For Mac:

Operating System: Mac OS X Yosemite 10.10 or later

Processor: Intel

Memory: 2GB Minimum, 4 GB Required

Screen resolution: 1280×1024 or larger

For Linux: 

 Operating systems: 64-bit, Ubuntu 14.04+, Debian 8+, openSUSE 13.3+, or Fedora Linux 24+

Screen resolution: 1280×1024 or larger

Processor: Intel Pentium 4 Or Later

Memory: 2GB Minimum, 4 GB Required

How to Install this tool?

This is very easy to install because this tool is a free tool you just download the tool by clicking the download button and after downloading just double click on exe file and install simple and use for a lifetime. 

Can You Create a website in a Google web designer?

If you want to create a fantastic web design, then Web Designer is not the best Choice, Yes Google Web Designer is not for Designing a web structure. This tool is only for creating web banners and animate your banner by using the amazing features of this tool. 

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I think This is very helpful for you if you have any problem then comment us. 

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